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You want to claim compensation but need information?

Look no further!!  We will tell you what you need to know - absolutely free, and with no obligation.  Use our contact us page, or simply call 0845 094 3051 and let us help you immediately.

This is the 'Winning Claims' web centre, and we are dedicated to you - the accident victim. If we can't win you damages, nobody can.

You have an injury claim - Whiplash? Broken bone? Bad back? Cut, scar- whatever the injury to you or your loved one, we will help to turn it into an easy claim; a free claim; and most of all a Winning Claim.

It may be an accident in a car/ at work/ the home, or the office. Maybe you tripped and fell outside when shopping - or even on holiday.  No matter how it happened,let us be the judge for you.

We will advise you free with absolutely no obligation. Our friendly staff can't take away the pain of your injury, but at this most difficult of times, they will talk to you straight and help you through the claims process painlessly.

If you suffered an injury from an accident which was not your fault, many agencies will offer to handle your claim on a 'no win no fee' basis - as if they are offering you something new,or special. Even the saintly Esther Rantzen is fronting-up one of these type of promotions presently

But, it should be a free claim anyway, so, don't be taken in. That's how we always do them. We can ensure that your successful claim will not cost you a penny and, even if you were partly to blame, we can still pursue your case - contact us now to find out how we can help.

Call 0845 094 3051

Check out your prospects with us today at no cost to you at all and with no obligation.  Our specialist, friendly staff will give you free advice and tell you ''straight'' whether you have a reasonable prospect of a successful claim.  Just get in touch and we'll guide you through the process with a minimum of fuss.

APART FROM COMPENSATION what else might you be entitled to? 

Well, you could be entitled to free private treatment for your injury.  Medication costs.  An early payment to offset your loss of earnings.  Transport help - a replacement hire car for your damaged one.  In fact, your damaged car or property could be repaired or replaced at no cost to you at all.

We can provide free advice - immediately. Professional help from lawyers dedicated to you - the accident victim - giving you the confidence to know that your claim is in the best, most capable of hands.

Don't forget - your claim should not cost you a penny. 

Your compensation should be all yours; no deductions.

Your rights should be ensured.


Either call us or complete the brief details on our 'contact' page and we will be in touch with you urgently. Your claim will be put to the safest of professional hands - just as it should be. 

We promise simple advice with no legal jargon.  We will take you through the claims process painlessly. 

We will not allow an insurance company or anyone else to avoid responsibility if you have a WINNING CLAIM

Come to our claims specialists and be fully compensated.  Winning is our priority - our lawyers are dedicated to fighting the good fight for you - the accident victim.


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